About us

We’re a team of builders passionate about the spatial web and open source software.

Michael, looking at the camera and laughing. Short dark hair, under a tree, in the sun.


Founder and CEO

Born to a southern family of 10. I’ve done everything from twisting balloon animals to hacking my way through a master’s degree while living in an RV. Technology should be available to everyone in order to benefit everyone.

Laurent, looking at the camera and smiling. Short dark hair, glasses, and a scarf.


Founder and CPO

Cultivating a love for music, plants, and design. Since the early 2000s, I try to build things that are useful, ethical, and beautiful. After leaving Apple in 2014, I started my journey as a founder, joining and exiting multiple startups.

Hannah, looking at the camera, smiling, wearing a blue shirt with a calm sea behind.


Founding Graphics Engineer

Avid builder, educator, and graphics enthusiast whose free time is filled with fitness, reading, and anything dog-related. Coming from a background in animation and games, I love to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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